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R. H. Rohrer & Sons is the oldest family owned and operated mill in Lancaster County. Henry S. Rohrer, of Pequea Township, purchased the tract of land in Eden Township, known as "The Camargo Mill Property" in April of 1905. The mill property included a three story brick mill, which was built in 1825 by Benjamin and Elizabeth Brenneman, as well as a saw mill and house. Henry's son, Ross H. Rohrer, renovated the mill. At the time the mill was purchased in 1905, the original wooden water wheel was replaced by a steel wheel.Ross was one of the first millers in the area to make whole wheat flour. His flour was of excellent quality and became so highly sought after that he began shipping a carload per week to New York. The mill also manufactured animal feeds and cornmeal. 

Both Ross' sons, Henry and Arthur, also worked in the mill. In 1944, Ross and his wife granted what became known as the Camargo Mill Property to Ross H. Rohrer and Sons Trading Partners. In 1945, Ross bought the current location at 16 East State Street in Quarryville, and built a more modern feed mill. Rossís involvement continued until his death in 1948.A hardware and farm store was added to the mill in 1954, providing one-stop-shopping for area farmers. The store offered items such a barn equipment, field tools, electrical supplies, boots, and hardware. The Carmargo Mill continued to grind flour and cornmeal through this period as well. Gerald Rohrer, son of Arthur B. Rohrer and grandson of Ross, entered the business full time around 1958. A second grandson, David R. "Reggie" Rohrer, son of Henry B. Rohrer and grandson of Ross, joined the business in 1968. In 1975, the business was incorporated as Ross H. Rohrer & Sons, Inc. Today, Reggie serves as President of R.H. Rohrer and Sons, Inc. Animal feed and nutrition became the primary focus of the business as the dairy industry became more prominent and modernized in Lancaster County. Flour and corn meal manufacturing became secondary and by the mid 1980's ceased altogether. The Carmargo Mill still remains intact today. Elizabeth Rohrer Herr, daughter of David R. Rohrer, began working in the office in 1992 when her grandmother, Arline Forbes Rohrer, retired. At that time, the hardware and farm supply store was experiencing a decline in business. Liz, recognizing a need in Quarryville for pet supplies, spent the next couple of years phasing out farm supplies and introducing merchandise catering to companion animals. The result was a store offering the latest products for dogs, cats, wild birds, and various pets. Gerald Rohrer retired in 1999 and Robert D. Rohrer, son of David R. Rohrer, joined the company. Robert graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in animal science. He has been involved with the business in many different capacities since he started delivering feed as a teenager. Rob currently serves as R.H. Rohrer and Sons' Vice President. R.H. Rohrer and Sons, Inc. continues to thrive in today's changing economy. By recognizing these changes and adapting with them, R.H. Rohrer and Sons continues to service and meet the needs of their customers.