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R.H. Rohrer & Sons is dedicated to providing quality feeds for dairy cattle of all ages and breeds. We strive to become a resource for our customers that provides current information, programs, services, and products. We are proud to offer products suitable for any stage of production, from calves to lactating dairy cows. We also carry a complete line of milk replacers and calf starters.
We provide affordable custom feed formulations that are tailored to individual farms needs and specifications. We have over 40 ingredients on hand available for use in custom formulations. All custom feeds are manufactured to insure freshness and highest quality. Custom feeds are formulated by our nutritionist to insure proper nutrient levels and fortification. We are proud to use Alltech and Zinpro products to fortify our feeds.
We also offer the complete line of Blue Seal dairy feeds to compliment our own feeds. Please contact our Dairy Sales and Service Representative to see which program best suits your individual needs.